Sep 22, 2016

Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Enchanted Barn
Dress Designer: Enzoani
Hair & Make-up: Mara Baecker
Men's Apparel: Men's Warehouse
Videographer: Redmond Digital Media
Transportation: Kobussen Buses Ltd.

We just love hearing about how our couples met, and this is adorable! 

"We were just two normal people living our lives as we pleased. I, Megan, was still going to school up in Duluth MN and serving at Texas Roadhouse. Daniel was living in Watersmeet MI hunting and working. One of Dan's best friends is dating a wonderful friend of mine who I was working with at Texas Roadhouse. They went to a wedding up north together and that's when my good girlfriend met Dan. That night I received a text from her saying "I FOUND THE PERFECT GUY FOR YOU". My first thought was..."oh boy...". She tried to convince us to go on a blind date, but both Dan and I were against that. I did say that if he was ever in town, I would be happy to meet him casually in a group... He showed up the very next weekend..."
~Megan Grosso

Sep 13, 2016

Ceremony Venue: The Fountain Room
Event Designer/ Coordinator: RSVPeterson
Dress Designer: Essense of Australia
Hair & Make-up: NE Wax and Salon
Men's Apparel: Men's Wearhouse
Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas
Caterer: Green Mill
Desserts: Cocoa & Fig
Linens: Ultimate Events

We just love this sweet story about how Bette & Mark were engaged. And we love even more that they returned to the same area for the bridal photos!

Mark’s greatest accomplishment wasn’t the ring (which is beautiful and which I absolutely love) or getting me to say yes (ummm...duh), it was managing to surprise me! I’m a planner, and I had been thinking about this, so I was sure it would be around our anniversary or during our upcoming vacation. But no! When Mark picked me up after a work happy hour in the middle of the week between our anniversary and our Colorado trip I didn’t think anything was up...then he didn’t turn to head home. My curiosity was further piqued when he turned into the Nicollet Island Pavilion parking lot and said, “Let’s take a walk.” By now I thought I knew what was up, but figured I didn’t want to ruin anything, so I just went with it. Mark told me there was a spot he and Hannah, his daughter, had found a few weeks earlier while exploring that he wanted to show me. We walked down by the water and, while we looked out over the falls and Downtown Minneapolis, Mark said something about how happy he was when he was with me. Then he said, “In fact, I think we should spend the rest of our lives together.” Then he opened the ring box...and I have no idea what he said after that. :-) It was perfect.