Feb 18, 2016

Ben and Karin grew up on opposite sides of the Twin Cities, and shared a love of running, hiking and skiing. "Ben proposed after a day of skiing in Lusten, overlooking the sunset on a peak in the North Shore with our dog, Boden," said the bride. "We promised we would make that hike at least once a year, even if we get to the age when we can barely walk. We have a love for nature, outdoors and spending time adventuring in it."

When Ben and Karin began looking for wedding venues, the Afton Alps in Hastings, Minnesota was the perfect fit. "We loved the gigantic windows, the green ski slopes in the background, and its proximity to Afton State Park. We both spent time at Afton Alps skiing and snowboarding as kids and throughout high school. It has always been a fun place to adventure and spend time outdoors." For decorations, the couple kept the ceremony venue simple, and stuck with an array of wildflowers and succulents (the bride's favorite) for the homemade bouquets. They also used pieces of a birch tree that had recently fell down in Karin's parents' yard for the table centerpieces at the reception. Guests enjoyed an impressive variety of cheesecakes for dessert in lieu of a traditional wedding cake.

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